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This will be based on a very efficient combined inverse dynamics and optimisaiton framework we have been developing over years [2,3,4], and will also be thoroughly validated against the gait measurement data collected using the state-of-the-art motion analysis system in our lab. A generic analytical foot rollover model for predicting translational ankle kinematics in gait simulation studies. There has been historical evidence that natural honey has healing properties and in particular Manuka honey has anti-bacterial properties.A well-validated and robust predictive model would find many important practical applications. You will have seen that you can purchase Manuka honey with different ratings.This requires original research in both measurement techniques and also fluid flow.Using the expertise available in the School of MACE at the University of Manchester, the Computed Tomography (CT) scan from the chest of a healthy individual (using an existing database available to the supervisory team) will be used to manufacture sets of state-of-the-art transparent, accurate and flexible silicon models.

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This would help reduce the costly and time-consuming reliance on physical prototyping and in-vivo testing. As the average age of our population continues to increase there is a growing need for medical advances to ensure that people remain fit and healthy as they grow older.

Specifically, the project will conduct individual investigations on isolated geometric features of bird wings, such as the notched trailing-edge, and the wing-body interface.

The aim will be to distinguish between features which are genuine aerodynamic or aeroacoustic performance enhancements, and those which may satisfy other biological or physical constraints.

Recovering form infection becomes more difficult as we get older or for certain people they may not the strength in their immune system to fight a wound infection. Good knowledge on Biomanufacturing systems; Biomaterials; Material’s characterization techniques (SEM, DSC, GPC, DMTA); Basic understanding of cell/matrix interactions; CAD software (Solidworks).

This project will examine the aerodynamic and aeroacoustic properties of avian-inspired wings in gliding flight.

In clinical motion analysis, predictive models could be used to fully understand how different musculoskeletal structures and states of health or disease affect human walking. The test that is carried out to give Manuka honey its rating (the higher the number the stronger the antibacterial properties) is to calculate the strength of honey to kill bacteria compared to a solution of phenol and water.

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